Water Stress

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Water Stress

Water stress occurs when the demand for water exceeds the available amount during a certain period or when poor quality restricts its use. Water stress causes deterioration of fresh water resources in terms of quantity (aquifer over-exploitation, dry rivers, etc.).

Factors causing for water stress

  1. Population
  2. Expansion of business activity
  3. Rapid urbanization
  4. Climatic change
  5. Depletion of aquifers
  6. Pollution and water protection
  7. Water and conflicts


Water business council for sustainable development. The main aim WBSCD program is to enhance awareness in the business community of critical water issues.

Competing water uses for main income are of three types :

Entire world – Domestic (8%), Industrial (22%), Agriculture (70%) High income countries -Domestic (11%), Industrial (59%), Agriculture (30%) Low and middle income countries –Domestic(8%), Industrial (10%), Agriculture (82%).

Four ways people contribute to water issue :

  1. Excessive withdrawal from fresh surface water.
  2. Excessive withdrawal of water from underground aquifers.
  3. Pollution of fresh water resources.
  4. Inefficient use of fresh water.

Trends that will affect fresh water use are as follows :

  1. Population growth
  2. Increasing affluence
  3. Expansion of business activity
  4. Climate change
  5. Rapid urbanization

Industry role to alleviate water stress :

  1. Measuring and monitoring water use
  2. Continuing to reduce water consumption
  3. Encouraging suppliers and purchasers
  4. By innovating ideas

Virtual Water

Virtual water is defined as the water we use without knowing to us or the water that is not visible to us is called virtual water.

To save or reduce the usage of the virtual water farmers should crop by using different technologies have devised way to get more crops with less water.
This can also be done by human beings by consuming the food which requires less water consumption after eating.

Use of vegetables and fruits will make us to consume less water when compare to meat and beef Etc.

Water Recycle

Is defined as former wastewater (sewage) that is treated to remove solids and impurities, and used in sustainable landscaping irrigation, to recharge groundwater aquifers, to meet residential, commercial and industrial water needs, and for drinking.

The purpose of these processes is water conservation and sustainability, rather than discharging the treated water to surface waters such as rivers and oceans.

In some cases, recycled water can be used for stream flow augmentation to benefit ecosystems and improve aesthetics (branch of physics deals with the nature of art, beauty and taste.